Maybe there is a time in our lives when we ask ourselves if love, without any other elements, is enough. If in choosing a partner aren’t other things, more practical, to hold on to.

Of course, we have to keep in mind all the aspects related to the life of a couple, but love is a complex concept. Love involves deep feelings, maybe a certain bond towards the other, but, most of all, love involves willingness (decision, commitment) and intelligence (understanding, wisdom).

This is the vision of love that I would like to share.

When thinking about the structure of the website, I came up with 3 main categories:

  • Love Evolution – I want to write about the matching traits that can describe one’s relationship: simplicity, authenticity, love, empathy, connection, confidence, dreams, reality, truth, self-disclosure, loyalty, adventure, passion, impulse to evolve, willingness to learn, to want more, never to settle, sharing, being: natural, open, true to yourself – puzzle of life.
  • Love Revolution – Because women have a certain difficulty in learning from their love relationships and experiences, I think “Learn from Love” is something that applies very much to them. As for men, “Learn to Love” has a much more powerful meaning, because the majority is task-oriented – they need a learning frame to ease the understanding and to facilitate the meaning of it.
  • Lover Evolution – For men it would be a great thing to understand and master their sexuality. And for women it would make such a difference to discover and enjoy their sexuality.